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10 Second Kiss Experience

glamorous with mauve lipstick

This is one of my personal favourites.

I go into more details on my main website at Here is the full link to the Magical 10 Second Kiss!

The 10 second kiss is about being very present in the moment and enjoying all of the scents, tastes, sounds and other sensations that come to you during a devoted 10 seconds of kissing time.

I challenge you to surprise your lover at least 3 random times in one day with 10 full seconds (at least!) of delicious kissing fun...

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Kissing Start Quiz

Congratulations on beginning your kissing journey! What follows is an unusual opportunity for you as a couple to really explore your own kissing style and what you really like and want from your partner in terms of kissing. Most people have never really thought about what sort of kissing we like or even what sort of kisser we are!

As with some other aspects of lovemaking, we tend to “give to” or treat our partner the way we want to be treated...

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Kissing Final Quiz!


Now that you have worked your way through some or all of the Kissing Activities, you are ready to take the Kissing Final Quiz! Similar to the first quiz, your results will show up after you hit “Submit Quiz” and will also be emailed to you! Complete this step to earn your Kissing Expert Certificate!


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Kissing Taste Test

colourful candies

This activity is simply delicious! Just remember to plan in advance.

You’ll need a variety of flavoured items. For these goodies you can experiment with exotic fruit, fancy liqueurs, different ice cream flavours, jelly bellies or other fun candy, or even some flavoured lipgloss.

  1. Blindfold your partner
  2. Choose at least 5 different flavours
  3. Put each flavoured goodie in your mouth and kiss your partner gently.
  4. Allow the flavour to ease from your mouth into his or hers.
  5. See how many flavours they gu...
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Best Movie Kisses Competition

Casablanca kissing photo

This is a great one for movie fans.

  1. Both of you are to look online (separately!) to find some of the best movie kisses.
  2. Try to find at least 10 and come up with your favourite 3.
  3. Pick 7 or so to show your partner and see if she or he can guess which are your absolute favourites and let them tell you why they think so.
  4. Whoever guesses the most correct gets to reenact their fave kisses. Try a little role play and see what happens!
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Favourite Kissing Quote Game

giraffes kissing

This is a great activity for those of you inspired by words of love.

  1. Individually search online for 3 fabulous kissing quotes.
  2. Then play charades or give clues to your partner to see if he or she can guess your quote.
  3. The winner gets to choose a type of kiss from the Kiss Matching activity and the loser has to perform 5 of those kisses on you!
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Kiss Testing


This is a great way to spend an evening!

  1. Print out the list below
  2. Alternate back and forth with your partner and perform each of the kiss types below for at least 10 seconds each. To make each kiss last at least 10 seconds, consider the pre or post-kiss gaze, adding in some caresses or some rubbing to round out and extend the kissing experience.
  3. Whoever’s turn it is, gets to decide how long the kiss goes on.
  4. After each kiss, you individually rate each one from 1-10 (1 is low and 10 is high).
  5. Go...
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Eye Gazing

couple eye gazing

You’ve likely heard how eyes are the windows to the soul. Here is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with someone. It’s called Eye Gazing. This practice is centuries old and has many roots in the fields of religion and mysticism. You can search the term “eye gazing” and find other variations of this powerful exercise. You can even do it with yourself using a mirror!

When you do it with an intimate partner, you can truly deepen your connection with your lover.

You may find yourselves gigg...

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