Eye Gazing

couple eye gazing

You’ve likely heard how eyes are the windows to the soul. Here is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with someone. It’s called Eye Gazing. This practice is centuries old and has many roots in the fields of religion and mysticism. You can search the term “eye gazing” and find other variations of this powerful exercise. You can even do it with yourself using a mirror!

When you do it with an intimate partner, you can truly deepen your connection with your lover.

You may find yourselves giggling at times as you both settle into the experience. This is certainly a fun part of the process.

Sit just a little bit apart in a comfortable position – perhaps on a bed or you can do it sitting opposite each other in a chair or on a couch. Just make sure you are comfortable. You can progress to doing it naked or start off that way! Set the intention to deeply see your partner beyond what they present to the outside world. Relax your eyes and breath – you may find that your breathing begins to match each other. Be open to whatever you experience. You may find you have a deeply emotional experience or one that stirs up your passion or love for each other in ways you weren’t expecting. Everything you discover is just exactly as it should be. Trust in the each other. After 5-10 minutes you can share what you saw with your partner.