Other Sexy Games to Play

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spice things up or perhaps start some interesting conversations about your intimate relationship, you may find some helpful goodies here.feather game

  • Great Sex for Hard Times: A book I wrote to help couples find loads of inexpensive ways to have great sex without having to go on vacation.Great Sex for Hard Times book
  • 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex: A fantastic book of sealed pages (50 for him, 50 for her and 1 you share) to give you ideas for props and activities for sexy scenes. It outlines exactly what you need and what you will do. Simple, sexy fun.
  • Couples Audio Class on the 5 Keys to Rock Your Sex Life! that includes a Foreplay worksheet for you to use to learn your own and your lover’s foreplay secrets. Plus you learn what to do when your lover wants sex and you just aren’t in the mood. Finally, no more regrets, resentments or rejection!